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Internet Apparel & Web Fulfillment

Print-On-Demand Clothing & Shipping Services for Your Online Orders



New printed apparel companies seem to appear on a daily basis.  Some are online, and others are down the street.  While the theme of each of these companies may differ, they all require their products to be printed and shipped to their customers. 


Internet Order Fulfillment and Shipping, Custom Shirt Printing and Shipping, Direct to Garment PrintingThis expensive and time-consuming process--one that often requires significant capital investment in equipment and inventory--often makes the business model cost-prohibitive.  It also tends to limit product offerings, as the would-be entrepreneurs are left to guess what styles, colors, and sizes to offer.


Even if a company can afford inventory carrying costs and expensive printers, other fulfillment challenges remain, including:

  • Art Management

  • Garment Acquisition & Payment

  • Order Management & Processing

  • Garment Re-labeling (Requires Pre-Fabrication & Inventory)

  • Product Branding (Labeling & Packaging)

  • Shipping & Tracking

The Great Apparel For You Solution


Great Apparel For You is a full-service, turn-key printing company.  We offer print-on-demand shirt fulfillment, screen printing services, and a relatively new process known as Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG) that minimizes your up-front investment in equipment and inventory and maximizes your product offerings.  In addition, we handle all the fulfillment challenges mentioned above and more.  This enables companies to outsource printing and shipping services, so they can focus on their websites, designs, and marketing, thus greatly increasing their chances for success.

The Great Apparel For You Process


The Great Apparel For You internet printing and fulfillment process makes it simple for customers to focus on growing their business instead of fighting operational issues and production headaches.  You send us the order, and we'll do the rest.


In the typical business arrangement, Great Apparel For You:

  • Receives Electronically-Transmitted Customer Orders

  • Schedules the Printing Job

  • Orders & Acquires Shirt Blanks

  • Prints the Garments

  • Puts the Order in Client-Branded Packaging

  • Drop-Ships the Order to the Customer

  • Provides Electronic Shipment Tracking Information to the Customer & Client

  • Invoices the Client

...and all of this is typically done within five business days of receiving the order.

So whether you're an existing business searching for ways to offer customers more style & color options, a brand new company testing out the market, or someone looking to launch your own branded line of garments, Great Apparel For You can get you there quickly without the large investment!


How much can you make? 


Profitability is unlimited!  Contact us today for a detailed financial analysis where you can learn more about our direct to garment print on demand shirt fulfillment & printing services.



CONTACT US to learn more or click the Fulfillment Services link below to download our brochure!


Fulfillment Services Overview (500K PDF)


Also, Click HERE to read more about our Print-On-Demand T-Shirt process.





Fulfillment Services Art Requirements

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Wholesale Pricing, No Minimums, Quick Turn-Around.  Direct-to-Garment, Screen Printing Chicago, Embroidery Chicago.

The perfect apparel & uniforms solution for your company, organization, sports team, band, or special event!

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