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Canvas Printing

Print YOUR Art & Photos on Canvas



print photo on canvas


Printed canvas make a wonderful gift for any occasion.  Convert photos, art pieces, sketches, or your child's first crayon drawing to a beautiful, stylish, and personal gift that's ready to be hung at a museum.


We print on high quality 100% cotton canvas that is pre-stretched and mounted onto wooden bars.  This provides a high quality canvas print while eliminating the chance for warping or sagging.  Great Apparel For You uses a special post-treatment coating that retains color and texture.  It's ready to hang right out of the box.



Skeptical about quality?  Our computer-based printing systems produces printed canvas with



(see below)


 print art on canvas


Printed Canvas Pricing

Dimension 1


Dimension 2


Total Price


Shipping Cost


4 4 $23.99 $5.00
5 5 $29.29 $5.00
5 7 $29.99 $5.00
8 10 $40.99 $5.00
9 12 $41.99 $5.00
10 10 $41.99 $5.00
11 14 $53.99 $5.00
12 12 $53.99 $7.00
12 16 $64.99 $7.00
16 20 $77.99 $7.00





Printing on Canvas


When it comes to printing and displaying fine art prints, photos, paintings, and more, consider putting your piece on an cotton artist canvas. Using Great Apparel For You’s canvas printing option, you get an image that looks ready to be hung in a museum.


If you are not familiar with state-of-the-art ink-jet canvas production, now is the time to check it out.  Not only is the Great Apparel For You product among the most inexpensive in the industry, but the image quality is exceptional because our printing systems, which are actually direct-to-garment printing systems, use a extremely precise laser leveling bi-directional printing to create astonishing results.


But why choose Great Apparel For You?


1. Great Apparel for you is easy, fast, and very economical.  Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a beautiful work ready to hang on the wall?  You can own famous canvas print works by Picasso, Degas, Van Gogh, Worhal, Monet, and more without spending millions or robbing the Louvre.  These printed canvases look as beautiful as the original.  They look and feel like hand-painted pieces.


2. Our images and techniques ensure that your canvas print will not show signs of wear or fade.  The product will last much longer than an image on paper or a photograph!


3. The end product is beautiful.  The colors are vibrant, the texture looks and feels like a museum artifact, and the detail is unmatched.  These items are not printed by the ink-jet printer you purchased at Best Buy or CostCo.  These photos printed on canvas are produced using a very high-tech computer-based printing system.  The gap between the printed canvas surface and the print head is only 2mm!  Controlled by a laser, it is the highest precision print available today.  This product doesn’t come from your typical Chicago screen printing or Chicago embroidery company.  It comes from a proven expert in Direct to garment printing.


4. Great Apparel For You can print photos, drawings, sketches, paintings, your child’s first experiment with crayons and more.  While we do have particular image requirements to ensure the highest possible quality, the original can be in most any format if it can be scanned at a high DPI.


Great Apparel For You has been digitally DTG printing on textiles since the process was invented.



Wholesale Pricing, No Minimums, Quick Turn-Around.  Direct-to-Garment, Screen Printing Chicago, Embroidery Chicago.

The perfect apparel & uniforms solution for your company, organization, sports team, band, or special event!

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